Canal and Lighthouse Tour

Graham Park

This park is off of 1st Avenue adjacent to the Oregon Street Bridge. Formerly, this was the PBI Shipyard site but has now been transformed into a beautiful park. You will find gorgeous views of the water, bridges, and Sawyer Park, where you will see boats launching all summer long. There are games set up here for all to enjoy such as ping-pong, bag toss, chess, and checkers. You will notice a fountain and gardens that are visible from the water that the city likes to call ‘Sturgeon Bay’s Welcome from the Water’. 

Sturgeon Bay Canal Trail West

The Ship Canal preserve has witnessed much history. It was once the site of a heavily-travelled Native American portage route between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. In 1872, European settlers began construction of the 7,400-foot canal, which permanently linked the two bodies of water. More recently, the property was considered for large-scale developments including a coal-fueled power plant and an aquatic-based industrial center. In its preserved state, it will be enjoyed by visitors and residents for generations to come.

Sturgeon Bay Canal Lighthouse and Pierhead

This famous red structure is located at the fully operational U.S. Coast Guard station on the Lake Michigan end of the Sturgeon Bay ship canal. In 1882 the Pierhead navigation light was built, and the station was built with a tower light in 1899, renovated in 1903, and automated in 1972. The only section of the grounds that is open to the public is the lower level break wall. When visitors arrive they park in the lot near the station’s gate and simply follow the driveway from the front gate to the seawall and they will find themselves at the Ship Canal Light and North Pierhead Light.

Portage Park

Located near the city of Sturgeon Bay on Lake Michigan, you will find this quaint, sandy beach. This beach is a bit of a hidden gem so it is a fantastic place to have a picnic or go for a nice swim without finding a large crowd. 

Crossroads at Big Creek

Crossroads can be described as a preserve for experiential life-long learning focused on science, history, and the environment. This 115 acre preserve is located in the heart of Door County off of Highway 42. This wonderful area includes many educational resource centers, an extensive all-season trail system which will bring you through evergreen and hardwood forests, seasonal ponds, wetlands, streams, and meadows. 

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